What do you hope for?
Social and academic success for a child, teen or adult with ADD/ADHD?
A more normal life and future for someone you love?

Welcome to Pfeiffer Medical Center. We are pioneers in the development of biochemical therapies for behavioral and cognitive disorders. Our approach restores hope, health and balance for children, teens and adults who suffer from these disorders. Our method is based on the science of the relationship between brain chemistry and neurotransmitter function. Our technique brings relief to people who may have lost hope - and gives them a chance to succeed at school, at work, at a more normal life.

Pfeiffer provides a world of relief for ADD/ADHD. Here is how. We provide a personalized approach. Each of us has an individual biochemical make-up that influences behavior. Our personalized diagnostic and therapeutic approach identifies specific biochemical imbalances and provides therapies that can improve health, behavior and cognitive function.

Care surrounds you and your family. Our physicians, nurses and other medical professionals take the time to work with you, re-balancing biochemistry and restoring functional behavior.

Customized therapies without side effects typically experienced with drugs. Expertly-trained pharmacists compound individualized ADD/ADHD therapies from only the purest vitamins, minerals and other nutrient products available worldwide.

Partnership with your physician. Biochemical therapies complement and augment treatments provided by your primary doctor and other healthcare professionals.

Supporting you with resources. Support groups, educational conferences and professional resources provide the services you need.

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