A message to parents:
It is heartbreaking to watch your autistic child withdraw from the world. You long for a smile, a hug, simple eye contact. You feel helpless, hopeless. But while there is no cure, there is help and hope at Pfeiffer Medical Center.

What is autism? In many cases, the underlying causes are brain chemical imbalances. These affect behavior of gastrointestinal, immune, neurological, cognitive and metabolic systems - which impact your child's behavior and quality of life.

What does Pfeiffer Medical Center do? PTC has more than 20 years of experience in personalized biochemical therapy to safely restore the balance of nutrients required for normal function of the brain as well as many other organs and tissues. Combined with behavioral, educational, medical and dietary therapy, biochemical therapy is a critical piece of the puzzle to treat the symptoms of autism.

Who will treat my child? Our caring medical team includes physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to support you and your child.

What other support does Pfeiffer Medical Center offer? PTC is a comprehensive resource providing education, conferences and referrals to other autism professionals.

A message to physicians: Pfeiffer Medical Center is an integrative medical practice whose goal is to partner with pediatricians and other medical professionals for the benefit of autistic patients and their family.

What is the scientific basis of biochemical therapy as it applies to autism? Biochemical therapy is based on the science of brain chemistry, neurochemistry and trace mineral chemistry. Specifically, patients with autism spectrum disorder exhibit documented laboratory findings of copper and zinc imbalances, pyroluria and disordered methylation. Evidence-based studies show that normalizing nutrient balances can significantly reduce symptoms and often improve cognitive function, especially when combined with behavioral, educational, and physical therapies.

Is biochemical therapy safe for my patients? PTC's evidence-based protocols rely upon a suite of comprehensive and individualized clinical laboratory assessments of each patient, not on generalized or normative standards. Each patient receives, from our on-site pharmacy, personalized custom therapies with the purest quality nutrients compounded in quantities based on the individualized assessment.

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