1.How can I place an order with HRI Pharmacy?

HRI Pharmacy should be contacted at 630-505-2842 or 800-505-2842 at least 10 days before you run our of your prescription or OTC supplements.  Please have a copy of your compounded nutrient prescription and OTC supplements treatment available.  HRI Pharmacy does not have access to Pfeiffer Treatment Center medical records.  We also request payment information with each order.  Our merchant agreement prohibits us from storing credit card information.  Your order will be scheduled to be compounded in our lab and shipped within 24 hours after completion.

2.How much will compounding cost? 

The price of individualized nutrient compounding varies depending on the type and amount of nutrients in each prescription.  Prescriptions average $75 to $125 per compound per 100 day supply, but may cost more or less depending on the ingredients.  You may order any amount of your prescription up to a 200 day supply, with 100 days being the most cost effective.  Exact price quotes for compounded prescriptions and nutrient treatment plans can be provided by request within 24 hours.

3.Will you submit a claim to my insurance company?

Each insurance company has their own rules regarding payment for compounded nutrients.  HRI Pharmacy does not bill insurance directly for prescriptions.  We will provide you with a universal claim form with ingredient NDC numbers which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.  We will also assist you with providing any additional information requested by your insurance company.

4.What special requests can HRI Pharmacy accommodate?

Gelatin-free vegetarian capsules, smaller capsules sizes, gluten-free, casein-free, corn-free, soy-free, flavors such as apricot, vanillan, and green apple are some of the requests we can accommodate.  Please be aware that certain requests may incur and additional charge.

5.How many capsules should I take?

The number of capsules required per dose is labeled on the front of each prescription bottle.  Please be aware that you may be required to take more than one capsule per dose.  If your prescription is larger than 500 capsules, the prescription will be split into multiple bottles.  Only open one bottle of each prescription at a time and review the dosage instructions when you receive each prescription.

6.May I return supplements that are no longer needed?

Each compound is made specifically for an individual patient.  Once a compound has been made, the order can not be cancelled or returned and the patient is responsible for the full price of that compound.  All changes to orders must be completed prior to noon of the day prior to the scheduled compounding day.  Unopened, non-refrigerated over-the-counter supplements may be returned within 60 days of purchase.  Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

7.Why am I or my child being prescribed a certain supplement?

If you have a question about any nutrients in your program, you should contact the Pfeiffer Treatment Center at 630-505-0300 and request to speak to your nurse.  HRI Pharmacy does not have access to Pfeiffer Treatment Center medical records.

8.My child can not swallow capsules.  What options are available?

Many parents and patients have success with opening the capsules and mixing them into a variety of foods, puddings, sorbets, or juices.  Nutrients can even be frozen into popsicles.  Do not bake with nutrient powders.  The high temperatures can affect the potency of the nutrients.  HRI Pharmacy can also supply a simple (sugar) or xylitol based flavored syrup.  Syrups are available in over 20 different flavors such as grape, bubblegum, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, cherry, root beer, orange, marshmallow, lime, peach, pineapple, mint, and more.

9.How should I store my nutrients?

Store your nutrients in a cool dry place such as a kitchen cabinet.  Do NOT store compounds in the bathroom, refrigerator, or freezer unless instructed in the label.  Some compounds require packaging in multiple bottles.  If this is the case, open only one bottle a time and remove the cellophane, but leave the desiccant pack in the bottle.  Charcoal desiccants are included in each bottle to absorb moisture and will help to prevent color changes and possible loss of potency.

10.My capsules appear darker in color.  Are they still good?

Many vitamins will darken in color over time.  HRI Pharmacy compounds vitamins with little or no fillers, so the ambient humidity in the air may cause the capsules to darken.  Darkness alone does mean you should order new nutrients.  If your capsules look wet or the powders appear crunchy on the inside, you should consider ordering a new supply.  Be sure to keep your bottles tightly closed and keep the desiccant packets inside the bottle.  Please request extra desiccants if you live in a humid climate.

11.What is the expiration date of compounded supplements?

Nutrient capsules expire in 6 months.  Other items like creams, gels, and suspensions may expire sooner.  Check the packaging for individual expiration dates.  While supplements generally will not be harmful after the expiration date, you may not receive the full benefits of the nutrients because the ingredient may have degraded over time. 

12.My refrigerated products arrived warm.  Are they still usable?

The ice packs in the package may be thawed and the bottles may not be cool to the touch, but the products are still viable. Advances in technology and manufacturing have allowed probiotics manufacturers to provide extended viability of their products even when not under refrigeration.  All items requiring refrigeration will be shipped in a cooler pack with an ice pack and are subject to an additional $4.30 cold shipping fee and must be shipped via a method that provides delivery within 2 days.