HRI Pharmacy is a nonprofit compounding pharmacy which opened in 1995 to assist patients of Pfeiffer Treatment Center (PTC) with finding prescribed nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) in the strength, form and dosage needed.  Over-the-counter supplements from leading nutrient manufacturers such as Nordic Naturals, Kirkman, Houston Enzymes, and Carlson are also available from HRI Pharmacy for both PTC patients and non-PTC patients alike.

To meet the specialized health care needs of our patients, we compound supplements to be:

            • Preservative-free          • Dye-free       • Gluten and Casein-free

            • Soy and corn-free        • Filler-free      • Gelatin-free           • Vegetarian

Patients who are unable to swallow capsules can choose from over 30 flavors of xylitol syrup, a natural sweetener which will not contribute to yeast overgrowth.  Flavors range from bubblegum to sour apple to marshmallow!  Mixing flavored xylitol syrup with the capsule contents may help mask the taste and bitterness of vitamins and minerals.

HRI Pharmacy also offers compounded transdermal preparations such as low dose naltrexone, zinc, glutathione, and methylcobalamin in hypoallergenic formulations.  All have been tested for potency and stability by an independent laboratory.

Many patients also have specialized needs regarding yeast and bacterial overgrowth within the GI tract.  We compound sugar free formulations of nystatin and metronidazole suspension as well as other medications to treat these conditions.


HRI Pharmacy is the authentic source for the Pfeiffer Primer and Pfeiffer MT Promoter.  These exclusive formulations have been developed after extensive research and testing by Pfeiffer Treatment Center Physicians.


HRI Pharmacy is licensed in and ships to all fifty states and over seventy countries.

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