Who We Are

HRI Pharmacy specializes in compounding individualized nutrient therapy consisting of vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Customized nutrient compounding minimizes the number of capsules taken per day and increases compliance with recommended regimens.

HRI Pharmacy's compounding service arose from a need to assist patients with compliance in their prescribed treatment programs. These programs usually consist of numerous pills. HRI Pharmacy can combine the pure nutrient powders into fewer capsules and precise dosages.

HRI Pharmacy can be reached via phone at 630-505-2842 or 800-505-2842 and via e-mail at pharmacy@hriptc.org. Our fax number is 630-836-7056.

HRI Pharmacy and the Pfeiffer Treatment Center are owned and operated by the Health Research Institute, a not-for-profit corporation based in Warrenville, Illinois


Guiding Principles

HRI Pharmacy is guided by 4 principles: Compliance, Quality, Convenience, and Cost.

COMPLIANCE Without compliance there is no benefit to the patient. Compounding the treatment program minimizes the number of capsules needed each day, making compliance easier. Smaller capsule sizes are available to assist even the youngest child with taking nutrient therapy.

QUALITY HRI Pharmacy provides cost-effective, high quality supplements. The nutrients used in compounding are all of USP(United States Pharmacopeia) grade or the equivalent. Quality control procedures throughout the compounding process, including a triple check by the pharmacists, assure a high quality product. Corn-free, soy-free, filler-free, small capsule sizes, vegetarian capsules and flavorings are some of the options available to patients when ordering their compounded nutrients.

CONVENIENCE HRI Pharmacy is open Monday thru Friday 8am until 5pm. Our phone number is 800-505-2842 or 630-505-2842. Our e-mail is pharmacy@hriptc.org. Our fax number is 630-836-7056.

COST Cost is always a concern. We strive to keep quality very high and costs competitive. You receive free standard shipping (for deliver within the continental US) on your entire order when compounded nutrients are ordered.

All of our efforts are guided by Compliance, Quality, Convenience, and Cost.


Our Services

HRI Pharmacy provides 2 services:

Over the counter commercial supplements
Compounded topical and oral supplement capsules

We provide high quality commercially manufactured supplements at the best price to you. We stock a large inventory from manufacturers such as Nordic Naturals, NOW, Kirkman, Houston Nutraceuticals, and Biotics Research at competitive prices and can ship direct to you.

The compounding service is dedicated to providing the highest quality, individualized, compounded nutrient supplements to you.

Call our toll-free number (1-800-505-2842) to place orders for compounding or over-the-counter supplements.

  • Payment can be made with check, money order, VISA or Master Card prior to shipment.
  • Orders containing compounded nutrient capsules are shipped free of charge to addresses within the continental US. Rates for shipments outside the US vary.
  • Each order includes a detailed receipt