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TESTIMONIAL: A.K. and Family Seattle, WA

We would like to thank you again for the five years of wonderful and expert care that you have given to our daughter. You were able to diagnose her mental illness almost immediately as being OCD pure. My husband and I are both certified in Mental Illness and we knew that the BiPolar diagnosis given to her by another mental health clinic was a definite error on their part. When they insisted it was correct I knew that I had to find someone who could actually figure out what was happening to her. Was this prodromal Schizophrenia, OCD pure, or something else that might be harder to diagnose. The wonderfully wise, thorough and kind Dr. Lakshmi Anubrolu was exactly what my daughter needed in her time of medical mental crisis. Your average doctor or psychiatrist isn’t up for that kind of “root cause” medical or genetic sleuthing, but I wasn’t looking for an average doctor, I was looking for an exceptional one, and we found her in Dr. Anubrolu. In order to have any actual real hope of restoring a loved one to normal levels of functioning, you need someone who knows that everyone has a different biochemistry, a different genetic makeup.

A "one pill fits all approach" is unlikely to give you the optimal results that you’re looking for, which is quite simply, the chance for a fully realized, beautifully happy, normal life. Thanks to the help of Dr. Anubrolu and her wonderful staff, our daughter’s diagnosis of Pyroluria and the resultant symptoms of OCD pure are no longer obstacles to her progress. She graduated from high school this year with the highest grades in her class, she was a National Honor student graduate, the editor of her school’s newspaper, an accomplished woodworker, a wonderful artist. The scourge of OCD pure which manifested itself up to 300 times a day in the form of horrifying thoughts that tormented her daily are completely gone now. They have blessedly been gone for years with only a very rare occasional disturbance of a few thoughts, quickly controlled, when she’s under severe stress.

We are beyond grateful to Dr. Anubrolu and her staff, she is a saint in physician’s clothing, a miracle worker in the field of mental health. My only regret is that there aren’t another thousand doctors like her to alleviate the suffering of the millions of people suffering from mental illness in the United States and throughout the world. Our sweet, intelligent, amazingly wonderful daughter has her life back, there is no greater joy in the world for a parent than this.

God Bless Dr. Anubrolu and her staff! I pray often that Pfeiffer Medical Center and it’s wonderful staff will long be administering to the needs of those in our society who need them so desperately, and appreciate their help so much. Fly to Illinois or attend one of PMC’s outreach clinics on either coast, and give yourself the gift of good mental health. I encourage you to go there, even if you think you’ve seen every expert there is in the field of mental health to no avail and you despair of ever getting well, I assure you, you can get well with their help. Go there, see Dr. Anubrolu and finally find healing, help and hope and a better future than you ever dreamed would be possible. Sincere best wishes.

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