Patient Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL: JAKE with Schizophrenia, 9th grade

Good morning! I trust this note will find you and your office(Pfeiffer Medical Center) mates doing absolutely extraordinary! I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know progress on our son. He’s been following the prescribed nutrient therapy daily and has been up to full dose with everything for about 13 days now, except we have not started the Inositol or the Lithium Orotate as he’s doing so well, that we do not feel he needs either of those. So, I wish I were closer to the Chicago office as I’d love to be able to come in and speak with you all to update on our progress. I almost can’t even put into words here, but I’m going to try. With being on a full dose of his protocol, this is a new kid (but our old kid). He was a new kid almost immediately upon taking even partial doses, but every single day we are getting back a new piece of our son that was lost somewhere in the void of being diagnosed with mental illness, and being labeled by attempted suicide. The anti-psychotic medication was certainly doing a number on his brain. But, at the time he attempted suicide he certainly needed to be safe and we were never opposed to that. However, we always needed to find the root and heal his body with a goal to be able to get him removed off the antipsychotics sometime down the road, but to begin that discussion by our follow up visit in Oct. That was always our family plan. I’m not sure you are aware, but I travel pretty consistently for work, and he is in the care of a Nanny when I’m away, because of where we’ve been over the last 5 mos, we don’t leave him home alone yet. He had called me a couple of weeks ago when I was traveling and told me he was feeling terrible; headache, body ache, nausea, etc. Mind you we were not on a full dose of his new nutrient therapy at that time, so I was thinking either he had the flu or was still just feeling bad from all the brokenness in his body. I advised the Nanny and it seemed to get better with each day. By the time I got home on the weekend, our son confessed that he had taken himself off his antipsychotic med’s cold turkey all by himself without telling anyone and while I was out of town. Of course, I hit the panic button because we all know the dangers of that action….especially I was away from home and the nanny had no idea what was happening. Neither did his father. I asked him why he did that. He said he was starting to feel so much better on his new medicine that the antipsychotic drugs were really making him feel terrible and messing with his brain and he didn’t like it at all, so he stopped taking them. We did not put him back on them because it had already been 9 days that he was clear of them. Trust me when I say, this was not something his father or I were happy with at all, and we would have never chosen that path, however, he was off them and feeling amazing, so we did not go back on them. Since that point team, he has continued to show such extreme improvement each day. He’s said to us, he can feel again. He can laugh, cry, he has full emotions again. And he hadn’t had that in such a longtime. When he would go to the psychiatrist and try to explain he was dead inside. This is what he was trying to say. He couldn’t feel. BUT HE CAN TODAY!!! Another very big change. At one point our son was a straight A student, and with everything we went through this year, we are just working to pass 9th grade. But team, within the last few weeks, his brain is working again. This kid is super intelligent, but his brain was not working at all in the last 5 mos, and who knows how much he was struggling prior to 5 mos. But today he took additional gifting testing at school and he’s off the chart for an 11th grader (even though he’s in 9th grade). One assessment he took at the beginning of the year in his advanced LA he scored a 3 out of 35 in Dec. Which was the height of our traumatic situation. Yesterday he took the same test and he scored 24 of 35. He’s so cute, he said….mom, I’m still not at 35…I said, WOW!! Thank you Jesus! Look how far we’ve come. He’s feeling so confident and has said to me he can think and plan for his future. He feels he has a future. This wasn’t something he felt just a few short months ago. AMAZING!!! I realize we’ve got a long way to go, that we are not where we need to be, but thank you Jesus, we’re not where we used to be. Make no mistake, it is tough for him to take so many supplements each day. Prior to Dec. this kid didn’t swallow pills, had never had his blood drawn, etc. Again, we’ve come so far. He doesn’t fight me at all about taking his supplements, because he knows he’s feeling better. And he loves that he’s not on the antipsychotic’s anymore. Rather just natural supplements and he’s completely invested in his wellbeing. We look forward to each day as such a gift as we watch our son unwrap every little piece that is being restored within him. And I think I had shared with Maize, but I am certainly going to write a book about our journey as all the above is just such a small snapshot of what we’ve gone through. I can’t imagine all the parents out there that are in the same shoes I was 5mos ago. We certainly want to help others get the healing and wholeness they deserve. I’ll keep you posted on that chapter of our lives. Very much look forward to hearing from you! Wishing you much love, peace, & happiness!


When our family turned to the Pfeiffer Medical Center for help our daughter had been diagnosed with ADD, an anxiety disorder, and sensory defensiveness. She struggled socially and lagged behind her peers on every academic measure. She was suffering. Her primary care provider, teachers, and school psychologist admonished us to put her on medications, but we felt that what our daughter needed was deep and lasting healing. Pfeiffer has been a steadfast partner to that end, guiding us through that slow and steady process. Five years later we stand back amazed at the progress our daughter has made. The sensory issues have been resolved; she is focused, calm, and confident; and she is concluding the year with a 4.0 GPA while taking a full complement of honors classes. Those are just some of the ways we have watched her blossom under Pfeiffer's care. They were instrumental in achieving what our family considers to be a blessing and a miracle, and we are forever grateful for that gift.

TESTIMONIAL: Patient with Depression

When I first discovered Pfeiffer medical center I was desperate. I was at the lowest point imaginable. Struggling with depression, anxiety, focus issues, brain fog, emotional/energy spikes and a host of other problems. At their worst I had even experienced auditory hallucinations. After attempting to fix these issues myself, I realized I needed help. Dr. A and Pfeiffer medical center were that help and an incredible answer to prayer. After my initial meeting with Dr. A I began the new program and saw benefits almost immediately. Areas of my personality started to return, my focus improved and the larger issues had the edge taken off. Within 1-2 years, my depression was severely diminished and now is entirely gone. I have improved dramatically in every measured area of difficulty. Now the only question is, how great can things get? or How much improvement is possible?! God's grace has seen to it that I have experienced this healing and I cannot give enough praise/thanks to Dr. A. and the staff (others) at Pfeiffer Medical Center. I have my life back. It is utterly impossible to express enough gratitude.

TESTIMONIAL: Patient with Depression

Our son joined the Army right out of high school in 1983. Within 2 years he was medically retired due to significant mental-emotional changes. Psychotropic medications served as the only prescriptions provided by the V.A. Thus began an odyssey of cyclic behaviors which resulted in increasing dosages of multiple medications & hospitalizations. By 2008 it seemed he would require permanent institutional care. We became aware of Pfeiffer Medical Center & sought their help as a last resort. For the first time, physical causes for our son’s behaviors were determined during in depth lab testing. Nutritional prescriptions to help balance his body chemistry were developed & we began to slowly notice positive changes. Since beginning the Pfeiffer nutritional protocol his medications have been significantly reduced in number & amount. There have been 0 hospitalizations. Today, he lives as a comfortable contributing member of our family. To say we are thankful for the services received from Pfeiffer would be a supreme understatement.


When our family turned to the Pfeiffer Medical Center for help our daughter had been diagnosed with ADD, an anxiety disorder, and sensory defensiveness. She struggled socially and lagged behind her peers on every academic measure. She was suffering. Her primary care provider, teachers, and school psychologist admonished us to put her on medications, but we felt that what our daughter needed was deep and lasting healing. Pfeiffer has been a steadfast partner to that end, guiding us through that slow and steady process. Five years later we stand back amazed at the progress our daughter has made. The sensory issues have been resolved; she is focused, calm, and confident; and she is concluding the year with a 4.0 GPA while taking a full complement of honors classes. Those are just some of the ways we have watched her blossom under Pfeiffer's care. They were instrumental in achieving what our family considers to be a blessing and a miracle, and we are forever grateful for that gift.

TESTIMONIAL: Patient with Autism Spectrum

My son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, has been a patient of Pfeiffer since fifth grade. He is currently 23 years old. As a young child, he would experience many meltdowns in school. Because of his disability, in school he was assigned a para pro for grades K-5. He struggled when things didn’t go as scheduled. Fire drills, changes in the daily schedule, were all very difficult for him to handle. As he began middle school, he was beginning to show signs of improvement. He was able to handle things a little better. High school was even a better experience for him. Pfeiffer, really made a difference in his life. His early struggles at home and in school started to disappear. He showed improvement as he progressed throughout his adolescent years. Just the other day, I asked my son what he thought about Pfeiffer he said, “It’s made all the difference in my life.” He is currently attending community college and also works as a sports correspondent for local high school and college sports, and various Pro Racing events.

TESTIMONIAL: Patient with Autism & Gut Issues

To all parents who have doubt,,, I am a parent of an 11 year old son with autism/ gut issues. I found out about pieffer through some other moms from a support group. I called and spoke to the staff and was very impressed with what was offered to me to help my son. They create a vitamin regimen plan to fit your childs body chemistry in what they need. I was amazed my son was double zinc deficent, and had copper imbalances. Well my son was 3 and a1/2 when we started our visits. Now 11 and a 1/2 and we are still going to our pieffer family as i call them. Because of them i have my son back, and every day gets a little better. If you dont try something for your child that can benefit their disability your passing up a chance to put your child on a better path. Im a mom who is so happy to have my pieffer family in my sons life. I wouldnt miss a visit. Mama b from pa

TESTIMONIAL: ALEC with Autism Spectrum Disorder, age 7

Before we came to Pfeiffer for nutrient therapy, "Alec’s behaviors and constantly changing moods kept us in a constant state of suspense. Every new day began with a feeling of queasy anticipation of what difficulty lay ahead. Friends and family often said nothing to Alec for fear of ‘not knowing how to react’ if Alec became agitated or upset. This only added to my stressful feelings of having to deal with Alec with little help outside of my family unit. With two other children, my husband and I often felt helpless."

After 18 months on an individualized program from Pfeiffer, "Alec has much less anxiety, seems happier, a lot more focused, is eating a greater variety of foods, no longer wets at night, sleeps alone, has gained weight and grown, and no longer has fear of animals like he once used to. He also is digesting his food completely and no longer has chronic diarrhea. His stools are generally formed and bowel movements are one to two times per day as compared to four to six daily. Alec has also done very well in his home-based ABA program this past year… and went to kindergarten in the afternoon… He graduated from a typical kindergarten class with the help of an aide, and… will be in a typical first grade class with a morning and afternoon aide."

"We needed to seek the help of professionals who had knowledge of, and understood the problems of a child like Alec and showed compassion toward what they were experiencing" and have seen great improvements on the Pfeiffer program.


"We were confused about why Alex was so hyper and then she’d have very bad "lows" also. She didn’t fit in socially and it started to become more evident as she got older. She also was sensitive to some foods and dyes. She was depressed and paranoid.

"[Alex] was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD several times, which were unsuccessful. Allergy testing showed positive in all areas so I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the results. Also, you couldn’t get near Alex with a needle for the allergy shots.

"I originally saw the center on the Phil Donahue Show when Alex was a baby. She had symptoms that really concerned me, but at that time her pediatrician said she wasn’t ‘severe’ enough. Years later when symptoms were worsening and life was becoming difficult and confusing for Alex, we decided to call. All her teachers from preschool and even ‘toddler classes’ and on noticed she was ‘different’ and encouraged us to seek help.

"Alex showed immediate improvement – which we were told not to expect. She sat through meals, became calm and more logical in all areas. She actually stayed in the tub during her baths! She became much more normal socially and stopped suffering from depression, which is a big improvement on paranoia."


"Pfeiffer has been a blessing to our family. Under this treatment, Andrew’s grades and behavior have improved tremendously. It’s a wonderful, effective and supportive program. I would strongly encourage you to consider the treatment. It has changed our lives forever."

Testimonial for Mental Health Treatment

One day in 1958, when I was four, I stood on our front porch in St. Louis, Missouri, waiting for my father to come home from work. He was a personable, vibrant man. He was a warehouse stock clerk for the 3M Company and prided himself on his ability to remember the location of 3000 different items.

But on this particular day my mother came out to tell me my father wouldn’t be coming home. I would later find out he was in a mental hospital, having suffered a "nervous breakdown." Dad was given a series of shock treatments and was placed on heavy drugs. I hardly recognized the man who came home. I recall asking him to tell me a bedtime story. He looked at me in pain and confusion and replied, "I don’t know any."

His memory was gone. He could hardly work and our family, with four children, fell into poverty. My mother slowly sold off all the shares of 3M stock my dad had accumulated. Eventually, my brother and my sisters ended up in children’s homes.

When I became older, I searched for ways to help my father off the psychiatric drugs he had been taking after his breakdown. He constantly complained about how they affected him. And it hurt his pride terribly to be so debilitated by the drugs that he could not care for his family.

Life was kind to me and I was able to prosper as an adult enough to retire early and form a nonprofit group to research and teach safe, non-drug treatments for mental health problems. I created to make the information accessible.

One name that came up frequently in our research was the Pfeiffer Treatment Center. From all accounts, they seemed to be one of the best clinics in the U.S. for nutritional treatment of mental health problems.

I took my father to Pfeiffer to see if they could help him off the drugs he had been taking for so long. The staff were great and they easily found three different nutritional abnormalities my father had.  Remarkably, the
usual symptoms of the problems they found were the same symptoms that had sparked my father's "mental illness" many years ago.

My father is now doing much better, as those around him have clearly noticed.

I have since gotten to know a number of the Pfeiffer staff and seen how dedicated they are to helping others. I refer people to their services with confidence. The Pfeiffer Treatment Center saves lives from ruin every day. And they do it safely and sensibly. I believe their work is the future of mental health. I, my father, and my family are grateful for their help.

Dan Stradford, President and Founder
Safe Harbor
Los Angeles, CA

TESTIMONIAL: JORDAN with ADHD and autism, age 12

Before coming to Pfeiffer, Jordan was whiney, hyperactive, and reckless. He threw tantrums, ate a very restricted diet due to food allergies, and we had to constantly watch him. We came to Pfeiffer because, after trying many different therapies with limited success, we needed more help. The biggest reason was that we wanted a doctor who wouldn’t focus on only one aspect of Jordan’s problems. We needed a doctor who would treat all of our child’s problems.

Since starting on Pfeiffer’s individualized therapy, Jordan’s coordination is much better, he has allergies to fewer foods, acts calmer, and is much happier.


"Jordan had 20 diagnoses by the time we came to Pfeiffer. Some were ADHD, depression, Asperger’s syndrome, paranoia, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, etc. When Jordan came to Pfeiffer in May 1999, he was uncontrollable, literally.

"Jordan’s body could not tolerate medications and every time doctors attempted to control Jordan’s behaviors via medication, he had violent and damaging reactions which left him worse than when we started… We needed in-home care to manage him and…[the hospital] strongly advised institutionalizing Jordan for the sake of the rest of our family. Their feeling was that Jordan could never re-enter regular school, activities, or programs without the help of medication…

"We began supplements in June 1999 and it took 5 to 6 months for the behavioral disorders to dissipate, but they gradually did! His violent anger and physical aggression was the first to die down, then the fears and paranoia…One of the most exciting and touching things for us as parents was to hear and see Jordan laugh. We found that he had never really laughed before as he was so terribly unhappy.

"We are still fine-tuning, BUT Jordan is back into regular…school making A’s and B’s; socializing with peers. He lives at home with us and never was put into a "home". He played flag football,… learned to ski, and can be a team player. After living through five years of pure hell, we can’t express enough how beautiful life is with Jordan being stabilized."


“I lost my son for about a year. It was a typical November day…when we noticed Michael was shaking uncontrollably. He was lying on the floor… and his eyes were rolling back into his head. 

“Michael lived through the seizure, but the doctors told us it had disrupted the natural chemical functioning of his brain. When we first brought him home I thought Michael just needed a little time to recover from the hospital. He wasn’t sleeping or eating. He was easily agitated and quite impatient. And the thing that scared me the most was that he hated me. 

“The next few months were a nightmare. My husband and I were in constant conflict with Michael. We were afraid where his anger would take him. After a while, we put a lock on Michael’s door so we wouldn’t worry about him at night. We also hid all of the knives in the house. The kids at school wouldn’t play with Michael… He was classified as ‘a bad kid’ and ‘a troublemaker’. Three months after the seizure, we admitted Michael to the hospital.  For the next few months, he was in and out of a hospital room every few weeks. We considered hospitalizing him for good. 

“Then one afternoon,…I was watching Donahue when I literally jumped out of my chair. Dr. William Walsh from the Pfeiffer Treatment Center in Naperville, Illinois was a guest, talking about their treatment for children with chemical imbalances. 

“At Pfeiffer, they conducted chemical tests on Michael’s blood, hair and urine. They prescribed a program of vitamins and minerals to correct his chemical imbalances… In just two days, I saw a change in Michael’s behavior. He gained 35 pounds over the next three months, and began to look like a healthy child again. He began to look and act like the ‘old Michael’.

“Today…he averages A’s in all of his classes, and his teachers, coaches, and classmates all praise him. I receive notes from parents and teachers complimenting Michael on his maturity and sportsmanship. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Pfeiffer Tre6tment Center for giving me back my son. I hope my story will tell parents across the country with similar problems that there is help.Like thousands of other chemically imbalanced children, Michael came back.”


Jola came to us struggling with anxiety and a diagnosis of major depression. Before coming to Pfeiffer Treatment Center, Jola had quit her job, slept 12 to 15 hours daily, and always felt anxious and sad. She had tried 12 different anti-depressants and most of them either made her more anxious or too tired to get out of bed. 

A friend referred Jola to Pfeiffer, where she was evaluated. She says taking the vitamins twice a day was easy. She continues to use an anti-depressant, which works well with the Pfeiffer vitamin program. Jola also uses meditation, talk therapy, and good nutrition to alleviate her anxiety and depression.

Since starting on the Pfeiffer program, Jola says, “I now lead an active normal life. No one would ever know that I have depression or anxiety. Meditation on a regular basis has helped me a lot, and I follow Pfeiffer’s program daily. Pfeiffer has really wonderful knowledgeable staff…”


The Pfeiffer Treatment Center has been the best thing that’s happened to Ryan!  I can’t thank you enough.   Ryan is happy, and for the first time ever, is enjoying school the way a 7 year-old should.  He’s affectionate and loving and hugs us all the time now.  And I can safely say that for the first time in his life, Ryan is enjoying a positive and loving relationship with his father.  What a great joy is brings me to see them laughing and playing together like they’ve never done before.  Thank you!!!!”

Case History - Example 1

I am thirty-six years old. In August of 1990 I was classified a disabled person due to mental illness. Throughout most of my adult life, I have suffered from bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, schizophrenia, or some combination of these three. According to test results from the Pfeiffer Treatment Center, I am histadelic and pyroluric.

Dr. Wm. Walsh, president of the Health Research Institute, has said that biochemical treatment is complementary to traditional medicine. From Personal experience as a patient at the Pfeiffer Center I thoroughly agree with Dr. Walsh's statement.

I began a biochemical treatment program at the Pfeiffer Center in July of 1992 and believe that as a result of being totally compliant ( I have not missed a single day of taking all 18 of my prescribed nutrients) I have begun to experience healing and recovery.

Since August of 1990, my attending psychiatrist and I have experimented with various medications to try to prevent relapses (that could include psychotic episodes), to stabilize my moods, and to relieve me of obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors. However, only after a full year of maintaining my program from the Pfeiffer Center did my biochemistry begin to balance.

A month later I started taking 100mg. of the antidepressant medication, Zoloft daily; six months later I added 0.5 mg. of the antipsychotic medication, Risperdal daily. As of this writing, I feel that after more than four years of trial and error with numerous medications, my illness finally has become reasonably controlled.

It is my earnest, heartfelt belief that the symptoms I had experienced in the past have disappeared because my system is balanced by the treatment program that I am faithful to.

As my father has pointed out, before I began a treatment program at the Pfeiffer Center, I had been afraid to leave the house. . .sometimes even the bedroom. . . Today, while maintaining my treatment programs and receiving assistance from the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services, I am in the process of endeavoring to become employed again!

Miracles do happen. And they may be happening frequently at the Pfeiffer Treatment Center.

Case History - Example 2

My son was tested at your clinic in July of last year and started on the vitamins at the beginning of August. He was found to have a high copper\zinc ratio and malabsorption.

In the firstly couple of weeks of taking the vitamins, my husband and I noticed that his allergy symptoms went away. If he missed his pills, he would get all stuffed up. Since he was going away to college, we were happy that he would have something to remind him to take his vitamins.

He had been telling us that he has been able to concentrate and remember better and does attribute that to the vitamins. He also put on 7 pounds in three months. He has not been sick at all since being on the vitamins either. Before, he would always get sick if he stayed up a little too late and this time of the year would wind up having bronchitis.

My son made the Dean's List with over a 3.5 GPA!!! This is a miracle!!! My husband, my son, and I have been floating on a cloud for the past few days since we received his report card. During his first semester as a freshman at the university with a 17 credit load, he got three A's and two B's. He was told all his life that he was smart, he just didn't work very hard. He got about a B- to C average in high school, so you can see this was a significant improvement.

It was rather ironic that his paper for English class was on Not Procrastinating, since this was the story of his life up to this point!

With malabsorption it takes longer to notice changes, but in a short period of time we have noticed Major Improvement. A big part of this is due to my son's will to achieve. Even after all those years of negativity, he hasn't given up.

Now we are not worried about his dropping out of college and are very excited about what he will be able to accomplish in his life. It also will not be so scary when he drives a car since his thoughts are more connected.

My head is filled with thoughts of what the next year has in store for him in the way of positive changes. Even if it doesn't get any better than this, WE ARE THRILLED!

Thank you just doesn't seem to quite express what we are feeling!

A Happy Parent

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