What is Alzheimer disease?

Alzheimer disease including early onset of Alzheimer's includes problems with memory, judgment and thinking. Memory loss and dementia will progress as the disease advances.

It is not a disease in itself, but a group of symptoms that are caused by various diseases or conditions.

Brain lesions, called Amxloidplaques,and tangles accumulate causing declining ability to cope with everyday life as brain cells die. Genetic risks can increase symptoms of Alzheimer disease.

Traditional treatment includes medications, increasing brain games and activities.

Pfeiffer approach

PMC has been helpful for persons with early symptoms. We also recommend treatment for people with family history.

Pfeiffer treatment is designed to address each individual as unique with specific signs and symptoms. At PMC, each patient will undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation by our physician which includes a complete clinical history, observation of behaviors, a brief physical exam and specific lab analysis.

We rule out or treat underlying reasons for the symptoms. Ifmedical problems, such as thyroid or infection or chronic illness is suspected, we will refer you to your personal MD to rule out these conditions. Our treatment is not "one size fit all' but rather individualized specific treatment for each patient.

Once the evaluation is complete, our doctor then develops an advanced, targeted individualized nutrient program or vitamins, minerals and amino acids to address the patients unique biochemical needs.

After your initial visit, a follow up visit is required in 6-7 months, and annually thereafter. For ongoing care, frequent communication with the PMC nurse is strongly encouraged.

PMC is not anti-medication if our treatment along is not enough to treat alzheimer. If needed, we encourage psychiatric intervention. When taking the Pfeiffer protocol if medication is required, it will minimize side effects and need for higher dosage. Compliance with our nutrient program is important for success. The prescription will recommend capsules of powder and/or specific oils or liquids. For children who cannot swallow capsules, flavored syrups can be recommended to mix with powder to create a liquid for easier compliance. Dietary changes may be recommended based on individual needs.

Staff RN is available by phone throughout the entire process for support or questions. After approximately 4-6 months of compliance, a follow up appointment is needed to "tweek and fine tune" each prescription.

Our goal is your success!