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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) includes conditions called, Autism, Pervasive Development Disorder and Aspergers's Syndrome.

What is Autism?

The exact cause is unknown. PMC treats ASD as a medical illness with a biologically impaired brain, commonly associated with multiple medical problems and organ systems. Genetic and acquired factors lead to abnormal behavior, learning and development. It is treatable.

Symptoms can include:
What are the symptoms of Autism?

Symptoms are usually noted within the first three (3) years of life. Symptoms can be manifested by delayed development from birth, or a regression or ceasing development after months of typical behaviors.

Pfeiffer approach
Evaluation and treatment at PMC does not require an official diagnosis of Autism.

The Pfeiffer Medical Center treats each patient with their own unique signs and symptoms individually. There is not a "one size fits all" treatment for autism. Laboratory testing and comprehensive medical evaluation determines Pfeiffer's approach to treatment.

Underlying "oxidative stress" where normal cellular process is disrupted by systemic inflammation, is considered to be a cause of symptoms. Increased oxidative stress can create zinc deficiency, elevated copper and toxins in the system, methylation irregularities, and metallothionein (MT) dysfunction. MT is the proteins which are responsible for regulation metabolism in our bodies. Dependent on symptoms, stool testing may be indicated.

At PMC, we diagnose and treat the underlying reasons for any of these conditions, such as over or under methylation, MTHFT gene mutation, pyrrole disorder, copper overload (whether it be serum or unbound free copper or zinc deficiency. Fungal or bacterial findings in the GI tract are also evaluated.

Pfeiffer Treatment and Compliance:

Individualized, targeted advanced nutrient treatment protocol is prescribed by our physician. Most of the treatment is oral. Powered capsules can be opened and mixed with foods, liquids or flavored syrups for ease of compliance. Specific injectable or transdermal treatment may be used if indicated.

Diet modifications are recommended with patients when indicated.

Follow up appointments or phone support is offered and recommended.

PMC offers cutting edge, expertise in biochemical treatment. Experts in other treatment modes include speech, occupational and physical therapies are strongly recommended. Specialized Autism therapies and social therapies are encouraged.