The Pfeiffer Medical Center is a for profit outpatient facility for children (over 3 yrs) and adults specializing in the evaluation and management of biochemical imbalances, which may be associated with the symptoms of developmental, learning and behavior disorders or anxiety, depression or mental illness. Our innovative approach of using vitamins, minerals and other nutrient supplements to treat biochemical imbalances has helped thousands of patients lead a more productive and rewarding life.

How to Become a Patient

Download a copy of the Health History Form or email for a copy. Complete this form and return in by mail or fax to the address or telephone number below.

Upon receipt of the Health History Form our medical staff will review the information to determine if the patient's concerns and symptoms are appropriate for evaluation at our clinic.

You will be contacted within two days to set up an appointment or to be notified of the results of our medical review.

After scheduling an appointment, we will send a confirmation letter/email, directions to our office and local lodging information for out of town patients. Also included will be forms to help gather together important health information to aide in the visit.

Special Note to Parents of Young Patients

Obtaining blood samples from young patients can be very frightening for them and very challenging for us. We have found that using a soft restraint system called a papoose makes the blood draw quicker and safer for the patient.

Although initially hesitant most parents are pleased with this system, as the papoose serves to calm many young patients. The faster the blood draw process, the less time it takes for the child to calm down afterwards. If you are not familiar with the papoose system, please call LabCorp/Quest diagnostics before or ask about it when you arrive for your child's appointment.

Note to International Patients

Our treatment program includes individualized nutritional supplements and compounded preparations. If you would like to or need to obtain these items from the HRI Pharmacy it is important that you are able to receive them from us in a timely fashion through customs. Periodic follow-up in the U.S. is part of ensuring a successful program and for renewing the nutrient prescription.