Other Terms: Pyroluria

Pyrrole disorder is characterized by an inborn genetic disorder in pyrrole chemistry causing an excess of kryptopyrrole molecules. Kryptopyrrole is a byproduct of hemoglobin synthesis. It binds with Vitamin B6 and with available zinc, thus causing a depletion of both. Zinc and Vitamin B6 are essential in supporting neurotransmitters. Elevated urinary pyrroles is a good biomarker for oxidative stress.

Manifestations and Symptoms:
Conditions Which Worsen Pyrrole Disorder :
Other Diagnoses Seen in Patients with Pyrrole Disorder:
Diagnoses and Treatment:

Urine testing to measure the kryptole molecules along with a full evaluation by our medical doctor determines the diagnosis of pyrrole disorder.

Targeted, advanced individualized nutrient program is prescribed dependent on diagnostic findings.